Music then and now: how the music industry has changed

We all know that everything has changed so drastically in last few decades technology is everywhere be it art, agriculture and so on, so how can Music remain  the same like before, there is no doubt that music is not the same as it used to be back then it has changed so much in last few decades i.e lots of musician use auto tuned to make their voice smooth and other technologies as well to make their music perfect.

If we take a look on Nowadays music then you will notice most of the main stream  musicians sound same you won’t find much difference in their voice and singing style. In this article about Music then and now i’ll talk about some facts about how music has changed in past few decades.

Music is the greatest communication in the world. Even if people don’t understand the language that you are singing in, they still know good music when they hear it. “Music is a World within itself, with a language we all understand“-Stevie Wonders.

When it comes to music everyone has different taste, I like rock, You may like pop, others may like metal, the segregation goes on and on. But, a particular topic that has caused a ‘brouhaha” as you may say, caught my attention. “Is pre 90’s music better than today’s music” There are many who like today’s music and there are many who still cherish the oldies and sadly I’m one of the “oldies” guys! I’m not saying whole genre or artists are bad there are still some good musicians kicking ass!

I’m talking about mainstream music that really sucks nowadays music is all about beats, bass, and auto-tuned voice and it’s too noisy (Yes! sadly the time has come when we call some music noisy).

To me it seems that creativity and originality don’t exist anymore in the compositions, main reasons I love pre 90 era music is because their lyrics gave us a mind orgasm, a tantalizing feel to our body, In modern times it just can’t be replicated.

Few lines from Motor head single “Killed by death” bring back the feeling.

“If you squeeze my lizard I’ll put my snake on you I’m a romantic adventure And I’m a reptile too”

How can you not be mesmerized by these lines! I am at a point where I need a daily dose of “Killed by death” otherwise I ain’t no pretty boy.

We do have good compositions today but you just can’t stick with it, after a while you get bored with it, but in case of pre 90 eras, more the music ages more tasteful it gets!

No wonder why Dave Grohl of Foo Fighter decided to record his new album in his garage only using analog equipment for his album “Wasting Light”. When asked about the reason in an interview with LAweekly Dave said- “When I listen to music these days, and I hear Pro Tools and drums that sound like a machine- it kinda sucks the life out of music. It robs the musicians of their personalities, and their fingerprints, their signature sound. I think the idea to have more of a human sound to this record than just a sterile cold version.”

I bow down to you lord Dave, you proved my point! I see this question everywhere, “Is music in the old days really better than today’s music?”

I don’t know about your opinions, I sure as hell i really! miss old music, they knew how to play, they knew how to sing, they knew how to write, they sure know how to rock. Above all no auto-tune, no lip sync. They just don’t call the 60s the golden period of the music industry just for the sake of it.

Here below i’m gonna point out some facts and study that will give you a little bit idea about Music now and then what are the major changes in Music industry in last few decades.

1. Measuring the Evolution of Contemporary Western Popular Music

Spanish National Research Council, took around 500000 songs from the period 1955-2010 and ran them through some algorithms which measured three distinct metrics of each song-

1. Pitch Complexity

2. Timbral diversity

3. Loudness

The results were shocking Researchers found that timbre, which is the texture and quality of music in other words, has been gradually decreasing. Researchers have also discovered that vocals in mainstream music are becoming more and more similar to each other.

The vast majority of pop musicians nowadays use a drum machine, sampler, keyboard software in their music some people may think it as a progressive but in reality, it took all the creativity and originality in their music.

2. Millenial whoop Pattern

In 2016 a musical blogger Patrick Metzger published a post about the homogenization of mainstream music and called it “Millenial whoop”.

Patrick noticed that many pop artists were using the same sequence of notes that alternate between fifth and third note. The millennial whoop can be found in many famous songs like Katy Perry’s California girls and Justin Bieber’s baby. Almost every single pop star today has included millennial whoop at least one of their songs.

3. Lyrics intelligence

Andrew Powell Morse of SeatSmart conducted a study called “Lyrics intelligence” of top billboard chart-topping songs over the past 10 years till 2014 ,they used different metrics such as a Flesch-Kincaid readability index, which indicates how difficult is to understand a lyrics and its quality of writing here below in picture you can see the result.

Over the past few years, the intelligence of the average lyrics has dropped. Full grade lyrics are also getting shorter and tend to repeat the same words more often, we have seen the absolute poetic beauty of Bob Dylon, John Lennon, and Neil Young.

The vast majority of chart-topping music in past 20 years was written by just two people Max Martin and Lukasz Gottwald together they both are accountable for the lyrics and the melodies behind the vast majority of pop music today.

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